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Realspeed Video Gallery

Videos from Realspeed at the race track, Realspeed's Dyno days, dyno runs and customers cars at the track.

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to came out to Realspeed's 12th annual Fall Dyno Day making it a great day with fellow enthusiasts! Video below:


Realspeed finished the 2015 season with a string of five straight wins to take first place in the NASA Northeast American Iron road racing championship. Dan Carlson drove the Realspeed Mustang to seven victories and was the #1 qualifier seven times over the course of the 14 race season. Realspeed selected and used a combination of off-the shelf performance parts along with custom designed and fabricated-in-house components to build the championship winning car. The Realspeed Mustang completed every lap of every race of the entire season, without a single mechanical failure during a race, thanks to the outstanding parts selection and track preparation by the Realspeed crew.

Some of the action can be seen in the videos below.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made Realspeed's 11th annual Fall Dyno Day a huge success! Video below:

Realspeed continued our successful NASA American Iron racing season with another pair of wins, this time at the new Palmer Motorsorts Park. So far this year Realspeed has reached the checkered flag first at NJMP Thunderbolt, NJMP Lightning, Lime Rock Connecticut, a second time at Lightning and now Palmer Massachusetts. The new track at Palmer was literally blasted out of the side of a rock hill, and features some wild and challenging steep climbs and blind diving turns, but the Realspeed mustang handled it without a hiccup all weekend. A win on both Saturday and Sunday put us back into the lead for the Northeast American Iron championship.

Some of the action from New Jersey can be seen in the video below. Check back for a new video of our races at Palmer to be posted soon.

Realspeed continued our successful NASA American Iron racing season with another win at New Jersey Motorsports Park. NASA was invited to be the support race for the SCCA Pro Racing Trans Am Series for this race. In between watching the Lawrence, Andretti, Robinson and the rest of the professionals in the TransAm race, fans got to watch Realspeed and the other Mustangs battle it out in the American Iron series. It was a tough weekend for a lot of teams, with a lot of crashes and even an on-track car fire. When the dust settled Realspeed finished with our second win of the season and the lead in the American Iron season points.

Some of the action can be seen in the video below. Scroll down for more racing, tuning and dyno day videos.

Realspeed Front Bumper Cam, NJMP Thunderbolt

Realspeed Rear Bumper Cam
NASA Season Opener at New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning

Realspeed's 10th Annual Fall Dyno Day

REALSPEED WINS AGAIN! The Realspeed American Iron #44 Mustang finished the season with another win at New Jersey Motorsports Park, and set a new track record in the process! That's 5 race wins for the season!

NEW VIDEO! Race 6 at NJMP, 8/4/13, Realspeed's fourth win of 2013

Realspeed Coyote engine swap part 3

Video from our second race (and second race win) of the 2013 season.

We installed a 2003 Cobra Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) setup in a Fox-Body Mustang for one of our customers. This customer is an avid autocrosser and this was a huge upgrade for him!

Good thing Dan got some rain experience (see below for Pocono Test video) because the Aug 3 race at New Jersey Motorsports Park was run in the rain! Dan pulled out a 2nd place finish and didn't bend any sheet metal!

Realspeed wins at Pocono

Dale Earnhardt, Sr once said "You win some, you lose some and you wreck some." Here is a case of "wreck some" from Pocono on 7/13/13. It was a wild ride, but the damage to the car was minimal and Dan went out to win the race the next day on the same track!

The Realspeed #44 American Iron 95 Mustang, testing at Pocono Raceway in the rain, May 2013

Below is video from the practice session before one of the Time Trials that Realspeed won at Limerock Park, CT.

Below is some in-car video of Dan Carlson running a time trial at New Jersey Motorsports Park.
This simple little 300hp Mustang showed up some seriously more expensive and higher horsepower cars. It just shows you how important the right suspension setup is for good performance.

YOU CAN RUN YOUR STREET CAR ON THE TRACK LIKE THIS TOO! Contact Realspeed at 631-563-7325 and ask how you can get involved with “open track” driving events.

A video of what it takes to make your GT500 gain 100rwhp.

Frank Fischetti's twin turbo Mustang puts out 800 rwhp & 800 ft/lb torque on our Mustang Dyno. Tuned by Realspeed with 93 octane fuel.

Dan Carlson's daily driven 1990 Mustang GT running 10.46 @ 132 at Atco Raceway

Super Snake Mustang with a Ford GT block and a Kenne Bell Blower making over 700rwhp on Realspeed's Mustang Dyno.

Mike Walsh's Shelby Terlingua race car is the highest rwhp V6 Mustang we have had on our dyno, making 355rwhp on our Mustang Dyno. He's running a Paxton Supercharger with a 2.87" pulley and Snow performance alcohol injection. Custom tuned by Realspeed Automotive. **UPDATE June 2012** with New cams Mike's Terlinqua now makes 390 Hp.

Realspeed’s Dan Carlson running a time trial at Limerock Park in Connecticut. We were the 4th fastest out of 45 cars there that day.

Justin's car is a perfect example how the correct suspension can go a long way on your Mustang. His car was running 12.3s all day @ Island Dragway. His car is just a bolt on GT with cams.

Matt Crisera's Roush Mustang. We installed a supercharger pulley, overdrive crank pulley, alcohol injection, and a custom tune by Realspeed. Matt's best time at the track was 11.36.

Joe Spain's '05 Roush with a Livernois stroker motor, vortech supercharger, ford racing heads and comp cams on Realspeed's dyno getting custom tuned by Dan Carlson.

This is what happens when a defective valve-stem breaks and lets all the air out of the tire at 100 mph in the middle of a turn. Video from Dan Carlson's red '89 LX at "Camp Steeda" at Sebring International Raceway.

Example of lap time improvements by simple adjustments to shocks and tire pressure.

Steeda 5-Link 2 track test
Dan Carlson does the first on-track test of the production version of the Steeda 5-link 2 suspension. The car being driven is Dan's 290 rwhp 1989 LX street car with full interior, air conditioning, stereo etc. It was driven to-and-from the track (about 200 miles). The second car passed in the video is a dedicated track car with full Griggs Racing suspension. Video from "Camp Steeda" at Sebring International Raceway, 2003.

Jessica Newton's car getting custom tuned by Realspeed. Her car puts out 305rwhp/312rwtq.

Lou Pow's car on the dyno in 2007

Robyn Carlson at Atco.13.1@104. She went 12.7 @ 103 later in the day with a little more practice.

David Burch's car running at E-town. Dave soon after joined the 11 second club running an 11.86@119

Anthony Altamura's Procharged Mustang getting custom tuned by Realspeed

Angel Ortiz's street car makes it into the 10's at Atco

Jessica Newton's car going down the track at Island Dragway. 13.07@108

Noel Collado's 1998 Mustang with a newly install Voretch getting customed tune by Realspeed.

James H's Turbocharged 1995 Mustang GT. Ported Stock heads, 10 psi boost.

Scott Stern's 2003 Cobra making over 500rwhp on Realspeed's Mustang Dyno

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