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Not Getting Any Response, Make it Stiff!

Installing a Stifflers strut tower brace adds strength and stiffness to the front end by integrating the strut towers and firewall, greatly reducing flex and alignment changes caused by front suspension loads during cornering and braking. Reducing this flex provides increased steering response and stability, giving you improved overall handling and control.

- Engineered to be used with either 3 or 4 bolt caster / camber plates.

- Clears C&L and most other aftermarket cold-air and supercharger inlets.

- Manufactured of 1 x .065 DOM tubing to maximize stiffness and strength while reducing weight.

- Triangulated mounting is far stiffer than standard 2 point braces.

- Design optimized using CAD/CAE software combined with real-world test data.

- TIG welded for superior strength.

- Industrial grade powder coat for long life.

- Does not cover Bullitt S/N tag

- Clears larger aftermarket CAI's on 03-04 Cobra (including C&L).

- Clears larger aftermarket cold air intake tubes on 03-04 Mach1. (Will not work with JLT aftermarket CAI)

Stifflers Strut Tower Brace
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