Dyno testing and tuning is available on our Mustang MD1100-SE Dyno. The Mustang dyno incorporates an eddy current load controller to simulate the actual load (combined aerodynamic drag, rolling friction, and vehicle inertia [weight]) the vehicle experiences while driving on the street or racetrack. This allows for more accurate tuning under conditions that match the real world. These conditions can’t be simulated by an inertia-only dyno (like the more common and less expensive Dynojet). Our dyno can also hold a constant speed while engine load is varied from idle all the way up to full throttle. This allows proper mapping of certain tuning parameters that is just not possible on other shop's dynos. Realspeed was Long Island's first tuner certified with SCT's advanced "Calibrator" status.

We have experience with SCT, HP Tuners, Holley EFI & Holley Sniper EFI, Anderson PMS, Diablosport, Accel DFI, FAST, Megasquirt, Haltech, Pro-M and other fuel injection tuning software systems.


Q. How do I get my car dynoed?

A. Email info@realspeedautomotive.com or Call 631-563-7325 and leave a message to make an appointment.

Q. Why should I dyno tune my vehicle?

A. You’ve invested in your vehicle's performance. Finish the job right by making sure the engine reaches its full potential. No matter how good the tuner, you can’t get live real-time feedback and customized adjustments with a mail order tune. Every car has subtle differences. When you want the best possible performance there is no substitute for an experienced tuner working in the same room as the engine and making adjustments specific to your individual car.

At Realspeed we treat every vehicle with the care and dedication that we would want for our own car. We have extensive knowledge of Ford electronic engine controls, SCT, HP tuners and other tuning software, high performance engine design theory and forced induction (supercharging, turbocharging, nitrous). We have the experience to give you the best tune possible. We go the extra mile to make sure your tune comes out right (see below).

Q. What makes a Realspeed tune better?

A. TIME, EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION make a Realspeed tune the best. We simply put more time into tuning each vehicle than other tuners do, and we have more experience getting down to all the little details that make the engine run better. In addition, our tuner regularly attends seminars and advanced tuning classes to keep up with the latest factory technology and to learn from the most educated and advanced engine calibrators in the industry. A Realspeed tune is much more than a quick “tweak” of your car. We thoroughly go over your car and your computer’s calibration and take the time to do the extra steps required for the best possible result.
  • Full throttle, part throttle, idle, transient fuel (tip-in) and cold-start parameters are tuned

  • Realspeed does a complete 38 point MAF Transfer calibration mapping from idle to redline, not just full throttle like some other tuners

  • SCT tuning software Certified Tuner. Certified at their highest “Calibrator” level through SCT’s Advanced Dealer Training Program.

  • Four times Certified in Advanced Coyote Engine Calibration by EFITO University. Recurring training keeps us up to date with the latest advancements in engine controls and tuning software.

  • Wideband Air/Fuel (A/F) Ratio gauge inserted in the midpipe, not the tailpipe, for more accurate A/F readings

  • Our Wideband Air/Fuel sensor is calibrated before each tune

  • We use a more accurate and more expensive NTK wideband A/F sensor for tuning instead of cheaper and less durable Bosch sensors

  • Realspeed’s Mustang Dyno simulates vehicle weight AND aerodynamic drag for more accurate “real world” tuning than other dynos. Unlike many competitor’s cheaper dynos, our Mustang MD1100-SE dyno also allows us to hold the engine rpm steady even as the throttle angle and power is increased. This enables us to do more advanced engine calibration work that can’t be done with many other dynos.

  • Fuel pressure is checked and/or set, timing is checked/set, spark plug checked for the correct type & heat range, O2 sensor function checked, ACT & coolant temp sensor function checked, TPS sensor checked. IMRC and variable cam-timing functions are also monitored on vehicles equipped with those features.

  • 1986-1995 Mustang sensor functions and computer outputs are data-logged with our exclusive hardware and software to read computer data that many other shops can’t get

  • 1996-2022 Mustangs are data-logged with SCT Live-Link or one of several other data-scanning software suites to see & record computer inputs & outputs in real time

  • Tuned until the car is right, with no pre-set time limit or “rush-jobs”

  • Vortech Superchargers Top-Tier Installer. Recommended by Vortech for tuning their superchargers. Experienced with Roush, Whipple, Kenne-Bell, Paxton, Procharger, Powerdyne, Saleen, VMP, Magnuson, Tork Tech and Edelbrock superchargers. Experienced with Hellion, HP, On3 and other turbocharger systems.

Q. How long does it take to tune a car on the dyno? How many passes do you make?

A. The short answer is “As long as it takes."

Regardless of the combination, we tune the car until it is right. There is no pre-set limit on how many pulls we will do. Ford had a team of engineers working on the engine calibration for your car for months (sometimes years) before they released the vehicle for production. If you’ve changed multiple components related to engine calibration, why would you settle for someone who tells you they can properly re-calibrate the car in just an hour or two? Good calibration work takes time.

Some cars are very simple to dial in, with a straightforward combination of parts and everything is working right. Those cars are done in about four hours with as little as three or four full-throttle pulls and a few "miles" of part throttle tuning on the dyno. Other cars have more complicated setups (variable cam timing, electronic “drive-by-wire” throttle control, computer controlled electronic fuel pressure control feedback systems, MAF transfer functions and transient fuel tables that need a lot of work, injectors or meters that are past capacity, fuel pressure that needs to be adjusted, supercharger belts that are slipping, spark plugs that need to be re-gapped, etc.) A complicated or “uncooperative” car could take all day and 15 or more passes.

ALL TUNES ARE "DROP OFF" ONLY. If you are staying in the local area while we tune it your car, be prepared to wait for at least 6 hours, minimum. We take our time and will give you the best results possible if we are not rushed. Typically we spend an hour or more looking over your car and writing a fully customized tune before we even make the first dyno pull.

Q. How much does it cost to dyno my Mustang?

A. A basic dyno check with 3 runs and a printout of Horsepower, Torque, Boost (when applicable) and Air/Fuel ratio (tailpipe probe) is $175 for a 1986 or newer Mustang. All other cars or trucks start at $200, or more, depending on the specific vehicle. Air/Fuel readings can be taken from the midpipe for an additional $75 on most vehicles. (Additional charges apply for recording air/fuel ratio with leaded race fuel.)

A combined Dyno test, data-logging and consulting session to evaluate the current tune on your Mustang is $250.

A basic dyno check or consulting session ("Baseline dyno") does not include any tuning. For tuning rates see below:

Note: All prices above and below are for a FORD MUSTANG. For all other vehicles call 631-563-7325.

Dyno Tuning rates for Ford Mustangs are as follows:

Hardware required:
1988 or older:…Call or email
1989-1995 Mustangs require an SCT or Moates or Realspeed chip and software license: $399 ($249 for chip + $150 software license=$399).
1989-1995 Mustangs must have a dedicated fitting installed for our wideband AFR sensor. If you don’t have one we will weld one in for an additional fee before tuning.
1996-2004 Mustangs require EITHER an SCT X4 flash tuner $419, or an SCT chip: $299.
2005-2022 Mustangs require an SCT X4 flash tuner (or software license for other brand tuning software): $419.

Tuning Rates:
Note: Dyno Tuning charges are in addition to the cost of the chip or flash tuner.
There is a $40 charge to access and prep the computer for all customer-supplied computer chips and chip re-tunes. You can avoid this fee by for chip tunes by pulling down the computer on your 2004 and older mustang and leaving it out for us to access the chip port. Flash tunes (no chip) are not charged this fee.

Stock or standard Bolt-On Naturally Aspirated Tune:
Manual Transmission $500
Computer Controlled Automatic Transmission (1994 and newer) $650

The tune rate for Stock or standard Bolt-On Naturally Aspirated is only for Mustangs that are stock or have limited modifications such as exhaust midpipes or shorty headers, mufflers, pulleys, gears and name-brand cold air intakes (Steeda, JLT, BBK, Roush, Airaid, KNN), This category also includes mechanical throttles (2004 and older) but not aftermarket electronic throttles.

Modified Naturally Aspirated Tune:
Manual Transmission $650
Automatic Transmission (computer controlled) $800

Modified Naturally Aspirated Tune rates are for cars with any of the following: non-stock electronic throttles, non-original intake manifolds, long tube headers, ported or aftermarket cylinder heads, non-factory camshaft(s), non-stock fuel injectors, IMRC deletes, non-factory mass air meter (MAF). etc.

Supercharged Tune::
Supercharged with stock heads and cam, Manual Transmission $800
Supercharged with performance cam or heads, Manual Transmission $950
Supercharged with stock heads and cam, Automatic Transmission $900
Supercharged with performance cam or heads, Automatic Transmission $1050

E85 tuning: ADD $200 for tuning, plus 1/2 hour labor charge at current shop rates to drain gasoline & refuel with E85. E85 tune price includes base tune for gasoline (Gas tune may be limited for safety)

Water/methanol injection: ….ADD $175

Turbocharged or Nitrous: Tunes will start at $850 but may go as high as $1800 depending on vehicle. Nitrous Oxide tunes include a base tune for running without the nitrous as well as a nitrous tune.

For cars running leaded race fuel there is an additional charge of $50. This goes towards the cost of replacing the sensor on our wideband Air/Fuel ratio gauge, which is harmed by leaded fuel.

Dyno rates may vary for special applications, such as racecars requiring custom work, other brand vehicles, different tuning software, etc. Dyno rates above are for tunes based on a Ford computer. Stand-alone computer systems are priced differently. Call for info.

Dyno tuning prices listed here may include standard tuning procedures (as required) such as setting timing, adjusting fuel pressure, tightening supercharger belts, and checking 1 spark plug to make sure the correct type and heat range is installed. These prices DO NOT include mechanical repairs such as changing clogged fuel filters, changing or re-gapping spark plugs, fixing supercharger belt alignment problems, or repairing other pre-existing mechanical issues. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRINGING YOUR CAR TO US TO LOOK OVER BEFORE YOUR DYNO APPOINTMENT, TO AVOID TIME CONSUMING AND EXPENSIVE DELAYS ON THE DYNO. FRESH SPARK PLUGS OF THE TYPE AND GAP WE RECOMMEND, AND A FRESH FUEL FILTER SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A “MUST“ FOR ANY HEAVILY MODIFIED OR SUPERCHARGED CAR.

Important notes about tuning cars with Nitrous Oxide:

We will only tune cars that have functioning pressure gauge and bottle warmer. Knowing and controlling your nitrous pressure is crucial to good performance with nitrous oxide. We simply will not send a car out the door with our name on the tune while guessing about the bottle pressure it was tuned with.

You must bring the car to be tuned with a FULL nitrous bottle, or inform us at least 24 hours before your tuning appointment if you need your bottle filled. If the bottle runs low during tuning we cannot continue the tune until the bottle is refilled. This ties up scarce dyno time. If we have to refill your bottle to finish your tune you will be charged for the bottle re-fill and the time it takes to un-strap and then reconnect your car to the dyno, so that we can dyno other cars while your bottle is sent out to be filled.

Q. Do I have to buy a chip (or tuner) for dyno tuning?

A. 86-93 Mustangs can sometimes be tuned fairly well with just an "Mechanical tune" using an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a timing light, but only if the MAF is calibrated correctly, and is in the FACTORY LOCATION, and 24lb/hr or smaller fuel injectors are being used. ALL OTHER MUSTANGS require a chip, handheld tuner or a computer re-flash software license to make proper tuning changes. ALL MUSTANGS WITH COLD AIR INTAKES WITH A BEND IN THE TUBING IN FRONT OF THE AIR METER WILL HAVE A MUCH BETTER TUNE RESULT IF A FULL COMPUTER TUNE IS DONE.

Q. I already have a chip (or Flash Tuner). Do I have to by a new one?

A. It depends on what brand you have. We can re-write SCT brand chips and XCal Flash tuners (X4, X3, X 2 etc). We can also re-burn Moates chips for 1995 and older vehicles. If you have another brand of chip we cannot re-write it. You will have to purchase a new chip. A $150 software license fee is included in the price of the chips we sell. If you supply your own chip you will still be required to pay $150 for the software license.
There is a $40 charge to remove & reinstall your computer and for chip access when tuning with a chip. If you have a Diablo Predator we can make basic adjustments to the Wide Open Throttle (WOT) fuel and timing using the on-screen adjustment in the handheld unit. More involved tuning will require a switch to an SCT tuner. SCT no longer supports XCalibrator-1 software so we will be unable to tune your vehicle with it. You will be required to upgrade to an X4. If you bring us an XCal3 or X4 tuner that is more than 2 years old you may be charged a small fee for the time it takes us to upgrade it to the latest firmware.

Q. If I modify my car after it is tuned, what does it cost to re-tune it?

A. Minor changes such as recalibrating the speedometer to match a rear-gear change are often done at no-charge as a courtesy to our customers. Prices for more extensive retunes which require dyno-time vary depending on how extensive the changes are to the vehicle. The price for a re-tune could be as much as the original tune or as little as $100 for minor changes that don't require the dyno or test driving. There is a minimum charge of $300 to connect to the dyno for a retune. Cars tuned with a chip will also be charged a minor fee to access the computer and chip. As a rule of thumb, if the Mass Air Flow sensor and fuel injectors, and/or electronic throttle or camshaft(s) were changed, then much of the entire tune will be reworked on the dyno and charged accordingly. If the MAF sensor, injectors, cam(s) and electronic throttle are unchanged then the retune will be less expensive than the original tune.

Q. Is the dyno hard on the car? What are the risks involved?

A. Running the car on the dyno puts no more load on the engine than going full wide open throttle on the street (or track). In many ways running a car on the dyno is actually safer than running your car full throttle on the street (or track), because conditions such as air/fuel ratio, coolant temperature and ignition timing are monitored closely.

Any time an engine is operated at full power (wide open throttle), whether on the street, racetrack or on the dyno, there is a small risk of something going wrong or a component failing. While this risk is actually somewhat smaller in the closely monitored environment of a dyno session, the risk still exists none-the-less. Realspeed Automotive, its employees and owners assume no liability for engine or driveline damage that may occur while the vehicle is operated on the dyno. All dyno work is strictly and expressly AT THE CUSTOMERS'S OWN RISK. All dyno services require a signed liability release form. Customers are still responsible for dyno charges if the vehicle breaks on the dyno (prorated based upon time on the dyno).

Click Here for a Pre- Dyno Checklist
Click Here for a Pre- Dyno Checklist

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