G-Trac Suspension Kit Stage 3 87-04

Steeda's G-Trac Suspension Systems include everything needed to build an awesome handling car with excellent street manners. Steeda designed these parts using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and the experience gained from years at the racetrack.

Stage 3 completes the suspension. Your total G-Trac suspension completely transforms an average performer into a world class sports car, capable of out-handling anything on the road. This kit includes:

Aluminum Lower Control Arms - This reduces unsprung weight and dramatically improve traction and control while maintaining a smooth, quiet ride.

Tubular Front Swaybar - This reduces body roll for flatter, more stable, and faster cornering.

Offset Front A-Arm bushings - These push the control arms forward to improve weight distribution and steering response. Bushings are formed from special urethane compounds for ride quality superior to typical urethane or Delron.

Chrome-Moly Alloy Subframe Connectors - These reduce body twist and improve handling by strengthening the structure which supports the suspension. These connectors prevent fatigue from shortening the life of your car.

*This part is over-sized and may incur additional freight*

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All parts listed are for the Ford Mustang unless otherwise noted.

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